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Work culture at VK Global
  • Work Ethic

    As the employer, we understand the importance of space. Our educators are no less than artists and this art needs constant brainstorming – sometimes solely, sometimes within the team – we provide the means for that with our in-house library and conference rooms.

  • Company Culture

    Can’t survive the day without your coffee? We have coffee breaks and conference sessions at our company. Your comfort is our responsibility and so are the resources you may need. The departments work cohesively and everyone is treated as a part of our VK family.

    We discourage any form of discrimination based on cast, colour, race, creed or gender. Harassment is a serious offence and is treated as such here.,

  • Employee Mix

    Some of our employees have been working with us for more than a decade while new ones are welcomed into the family as we grow. This means that one can easily find a mentor or a companion in their colleagues.

Meet The Team

  • S L

    Suman Lata Sharma

    DTP Operator, Desktop Publishing

  • R L

    Rimpi Lamba

    Graphic Designer, Design Department

  • A D

    Abhay Dubey

    Editor, Mathematics

  • P R

    Prabhakar Ray

    Senior Editor, Physics

  • S C

    Savita Chander

    Senior Executive, E-commerce

  • S G

    Swati Gambhir

    Editor, Chemistry

  • R Y

    Ruchi Yadav

    Author and Editor, Biology

Suman Lata Sharma

DTP Operator, Desktop Publishing

360 months, 1565 weeks, 10958 days, 262992 hours, 15779520 hours and still counting...I am proud of being at a place where work is pleasure and life is joy. Here, mental health and happiness is a priority. VK Global is a place where work, integrity, creativity, individuality are appreciated. Work life is a pleasure in this company that is headed by an extremely progressive, empathetic and professional management.

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